Friday, February 8, 2013

A Crazy Week

It has been a crazy busy week (and a half).  Remember that exciting news I promised to share?  Well, it is exciting for me at least ... I got a new job!  I am absolutely loving it so far and feel like a normal person again!

Other updates:

1. Thurman:

We put him in day-care on Monday and Tuesday.  To say he loved it is an understatement!  He came home so tired out and the girls at Paws in Paradise say he had a great time.

Didn't even make it out of the parking lot

Wednesday morning we got in the car and he was so excited thinking it was going to be another day of daycare.  Little did he know he would be coming home like this ...

"Not only did they take away my manhood, they put this PINK cone around my head"

2. We have a new niece!

Trevor's brother and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Arianna into the world on February 3rd.  We can't wait to get back to NY to meet her and our soon to be niece or nephew(my brother and sister-in-law are due in March).  Lots of new babies!!

3. Visitors!

My sissy, brother-in-law and this amazing little man have officially booked their flights to come visit!!

4.  Nemo

Don't get me wrong ... I love that is is 67 and sunny today here in Charleston, but I kind of miss all the excitement of a big snow storm.  Of course if I was in NY, I would probably be working and cursing the retail gods while I was driving home in a blizzard.  

To all my New Yorkers: Be Safe out there!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Believe me, you would be cursing the retail gods! Who shops during a blizzard?!

    Congrats on the new job :) !!!