Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 Bucket List

A lonnngg way back we wrote a ridiculous bucket list for our lives.  Some of the items on that list are fairly doable(I didn't know that was a real word until I just typed it) and others that are just a dream.  While having this conversation the other night, the idea occurred to us to make a bucket list for each year instead:

(setting: on the couch, drinking wine and watching Eat, Pray, Love)

Me: "I am fascinated by other cultures.  Like their traditions, not their foods, but I would like to try new things this year.  I mean ... I did try Oysters, so why not?"

Trevor: "Yea ... that is probably a good idea because not every restaurant is going to have a crab cake sandwich."

Who me?! Only ordering the same thing at every restaurant? NEVER!  

Fine ... you caught me.  It has been something I have always done ever since I was little. My parents will tell you I went from only ordering chicken fingers to only ordering lobster tails.  I guess this little trait of mine has continued on in Charleston with Crab Cake Sandwiches, but can you blame me?  The crab is great here!

Anyway ... here is what we have so far for our 2013 Bucket List.  Hopefully we can add more to it as we think of new ideas:

Try a new restaurant every month
Try food from different cultures
Purchase Kayaks
Visit Savannah
Visit Atlanta
Buy a House!!
Take Ballroom Dance Lessons
Take up Tennis
Go to at least 1 concert
Gamecocks Game
Make a new recipe every week
Convince at least 1 person to move to Charleston
Learn the history in Charleston
Get Thurman a brother or sister(in dog form) when he is a year old

Have any other ideas for us?? 

p.s. I was going to let the hubs write this post, but I was afraid our bucket list would look like this:

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  1. Sounds like a great bucket list good luck with it! Love & miss you both! Xoxxo