Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Few and Far

Sorry my post have been few and far in between. It has been a little busy around here, adjusting to the new job and all.  Now that we are getting into a routine, we were finally able to go out for a date night on Saturday!!

We went to Cinebarre!!  Where you Eat.Drink.Watch Movies.   I like to call it cinna-bear even though it is cinna-bar.  Cinna-bear just sounds like so much more fun, right?

It was such a fun experience.  While waiting for the theater to be cleaned up, we ordered a drink at the bar.  Yes, you read that right ... a BAR at the movie theater.  Here is how it works:

- Get there about 30 minutes before the movies starts.  Order a drink while you are waiting for the theater to be cleaned.
- After to sit down, you can look over the menu while watching previews.

- You server will take your order, but if you need anything during the movie (like another drink or some popcorn) you just pop your little piece of paper up and they will come to you.

Being able to eat dinner, have some wine and watch a new movie was so cool!  Trevor even said he could get through a chick flick like this.

Love trying new things in Charleston!!

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