Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hiking in the South

On Sunday afternoon we were all going a little stir-crazy in the apartment and decided it was a great day to go for a hike.  We went to Swamp Fox  Passage of the Palmetto Trail which is about 20 minutes from our apartment.

Hiking in the South -  I don't know if I would call it "hiking" it is more like walking in a very flat wooded area.  When I think of hiking, I think of climbing up a mountain to reach a great view at the top.  That is the best thing about a hike right?  The challenge, the view, the accomplishment.  We got none of that on Sunday.  We only hiked walked for a little over 2 miles because it was boring with no reward at the end.  Maybe these trails need to open up to beautiful marshland or something else southern because I need something to look forward to after walking through tick infested woods(clearly I have tick issues, that is a whole other subject). 

The only great thing about this so called hike was that Thurman had a blast ...

Running like a mad man

Eating every stick and leaf in sight

Here is a quick video .. sorry for the shakiness and sniffles(it was a little chilly out)

I guess it was worth it to see the little man have so much fun.  It seems like it will be a pretty decent bike path, so maybe in a few months we can try it again for a longer journey.  Overall, the trail is 42 miles!!  We need more outdoor places to visit with Thurman that involve some good running time. 

Do you know of outdoor places in or around 
Charleston for us to go explore? 

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  1. Thurman is so funny! I would be so scared he would run off the trail!