Meet Thurman

Hello!! My name is Thurman!!

I was born in Georgia on September 30, 2012.  My new mommy and daddy came to get me on November 25th and I have been living with them in Charleston, SC ever since.  My favorite thing about living in Charleston is the beach!!

I LOVE digging in the sand!! I swear there is something under all this sand! 

Some of my other favorite things are ... playing catch with my tennis balls(then ripping off all the fuzz), eating leaves and CUDDLING.  

I can't wait to explore Charleston with my mommy and daddy! There are so many neat places they can bring me.  Keep reading our blog to hear all about our adventurous! 


1 comment:

  1. Can't wait to meet you Thurman, Gma loves to cuddle too! And I love the beach! We already have so much in common!